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Qlik Biz is a dynamic card that allows you to quickly and easily share your Business details with anyone - anywhere, allowing you to expand and develop your professional network.

  • How can I create a card online?

    Digital Business Card can be created online at https://www.qlik.biz in simple 3 steps. Go to https://www.qlik.biz/Digital. All you need is a mobile number that has access to WhatsApp. Enter the mobile number you wish to use for your Digital card and click send OTP. Choose the relevant package, make the payment. Provide your Business details and your card is ready.

  • What are the benefits of my online card?

    A Business card is mainly used to share the details of a person or a company. Years back, this was done by printing card that could be carried in wallets. It often resulted in misplacing or stacking up card by the other person.

    Now that we have entered the Digital era, Digital card are more convenient than printed card. A Digital card is easy to share via phone and would have all the details of the person or company. You could also save the Digital card on your phone contacts in one click with all the details.

  • How can I save and share the QR code with others?

    Once the Digital card has been created, you can download the QR code or view the card. QR code is downloaded in the phone gallery. It can now be shared on social media applications, and any user can scan the image using any scanner on the phone (for ex, a Google lens or a scanner).

  • How to get Digital card for a company?

    Digital card are a great way to connect and share important information with your employees. These can be printed or made in Digital format and are easy to update as new records come in. To get a corporate plan for your company, you can fill in the details of your requirements at https://www.qlik.biz/contact.html or mail us on info@qlik.biz

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