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Here’s an opportunity to create the most aesthetic and inviting digital business card using an intuitive interface and innovative customization options. Our platform offers an easy and elegantly styled digital business card that will help you stand out in the crowd.

The days are gone when stereotypes and physical business card were in use. You may have seen people throwing them away in bulk. A creatively designed digital business card is the trend now. Whether you are a professional, salaried employee, entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner; having a digital business card is a boon for your business.

Let us tell you the reason for switching to a digital business card through Qlik Biz rather than a manual one.

  • It helps you create a dynamic business card where you can feed your contact details, links for social media and websites, location, personalized messages, and a direct call option.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the most prominent features of our website and allows for the sharing of a digital business card just by tapping the phone. However, it is necessary to have an NFC-enabled phone for sharing this card. The advantage here is that one would not need any special apps or software to share an NFC digital business card.
  • We also help you analyze your business growth through some great features on our platform. We provide marketing automation tools, lead generation tools, and analytic dashboards that will help you keep an eye on the success rate of your business.
  • The essential part is the freedom to make your digital card the way you want. Yes, we provide an option where you can tailor your digital card by including certain features to elevate its look. You have a chance to play with colors while designing your digital business card.
  • All we want to ensure is that your journey of getting your digital business card should be satisfying and exciting. To ensure that you do not face any obstacles in making your business card, we vow to provide all-around assistance through our customer service and consultation.

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