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What is a Digital Business Card?

  • Digital Business Card Modern alternative to traditional paper card in today's digital world.
  • Adapting to the digital landscape is Essential for staying connected and relevant in a smartphone-dependent society.
  • Virtual representation Digital Business Card showcase contact information and professional details.
  • Leaving a lasting impact Embracing digital technology for effective networking and professional impressions.
  • Convenient storage and sharing of Digital Business Card saved as QR codes, NFC, or mobile apps for easy distribution.
  • Environmental Reduced ecological footprint by eliminating physical production and printing.

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Digital Card Samples

Vishal Shah
Opti Matrix Solutions
Qlik Biz
Digital Business Card
Paryushan Jain
Air Flow Private Ltd
Vipul Kerasiya
Kutch Tour Guide
Deepak Makwana
Biz Tea
Palak Shah
Jain Alert Group Of India

Unlock the Potential of Digital Networking with our Digital Business Card


How Do Digital Business Card Work?

Digital Business Card streamline the creation, sharing, and storage of contact information and professional details through digital technology.

  • Create: Crafted using Ios or Android mobile, online platforms, or dedicated Website.
  • Storage: Kept in digital formats like QR codes, NFC tags, or dedicated Website for convenient retrieval.
  • Sharing: QR codes or NFC technology enable instant transfer of contact information.
  • Accessibility: Easily accessed on various platforms, allowing direct storage in the phone's address book or initiating calls.
  • Updates: Easy modifications without reprinting, ensuring accurate information and professional details.

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Why Switch To Digital Business Card?

  • Convenience and Accessibility: Digital business cards can be easily shared, accessed, and stored on smartphones or digital devices, eliminating the need to carry physical cards. This ensures your contact information is always at your fingertips.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating the need for physical printing, digital business cards significantly reduce your ecological footprint, contributing to a more sustainable business practice.
  • Cost-Effective: Creating and distributing digital business cards is more cost-effective compared to the recurrent expenses of printing and replenishing physical card stocks.
  • Dynamic Updates: With digital business cards, you can easily update your professional details, such as job titles, contact information, or social media profiles, ensuring your contacts always have access to your most current information.
  • Enhanced Networking: Digital business cards can integrate multimedia elements, such as links to your website, portfolio, or social media profiles, providing a more comprehensive and engaging way to showcase your professional identity.

Ways To Share Contact Details

  • Attach the digital business card file to an email
  • Include a download link in the email body for easy access
Text Message:
  • Send a text with a link to download the digital business card
  • Attach the file directly to the text message
Social Media:
  • Share the digital business card as a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Direct message the digital business card link to contacts
QR Code:
  • Display the QR code on your phone screen for others to scan
  • Print the QR code on physical materials like business cards or flyers
NFC Technology:
  • Tap your phone against another NFC-enabled device to share
  • Place NFC tags in strategic locations for easy sharing when tapped
Online Platforms:
  • Upload the digital business card to professional networks like LinkedIn
  • Share a link to the digital card hosted on a personal website or portfolio

Qlick.Biz - Solving Challenges With Solutions

Traditional paper cards harm the environment.

Digital cards eliminate printing, reducing environmental impact.


Physical cards get lost or damaged easily.

Digital cards are securely stored on devices for easy access.


Reprinting is needed when information changes.

Digital cards allow instant updates without reprinting.


Paper cards limit networking potential.

Digital cards integrate websites, portfolios, and multimedia.


Manually exchanging physical cards is inefficient.

Digital cards share via QR codes, NFC, and links effortlessly.


Key Features of Digital Business Card

  • Direct Call
  • Direct WhatsApp
  • Share Business Location
  • Personalized URL
  • Send on Any WhatsApp Number
  • Scan QR Code and View the Card
  • Unlimited Card Sharing
  • Update your profile anytime

Uses of Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card offer a convenient and efficient way to exchange contact information and professional details in the professional realm.

  • Contact Exchange: Digital Business Card Shared contact information quickly and efficiently.
  • Sharing Information: Qlik Biz provides a platform to share information like job title, company, and expertise.
  • Information Access: Digital Business Card can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring that contact information is always available.
  • Multimedia Integration: You can include clickable links to websites, social media profiles, and portfolios to provide additional information and showcase your work.
  • Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable data on card usage and engagement to optimize networking strategies.

Qlik Biz USP for Digital Business Card

  • Qlik Biz offers India's Fastest Loading Digital Business Card, ensuring speed and efficiency in accessing and exchanging professional information.
  • The focus on optimizing performance and user experience guarantees the smooth loading of Digital Business Card across various platforms.
  • Qlik Biz enables professionals to instantly access and share their contact details and professional particulars effortlessly.
  • The unwavering commitment to speed and performance makes Qlik Biz the perfect solution for a seamless and efficient Digital Business Card experience.
  • Qlik Biz's dedication to user satisfaction solidifies its position as a leading provider of India's Fastest Loading Digital Business Card.

After Services of Qlik Biz

Qlik Biz provides excellent after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and support.

  • Qlik Biz offers customer support through multiple channels, including email, phone, and live chat, to assist customers with any queries or technical issues related to their Digital Business Card.
  • Regular updates and upgrades of the Digital Business Card software by Qlik Biz ensure that customers can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and enhancements in the platform.
  • Qlik Biz prioritizes data security and privacy, implementing robust measures to protect customer information and regularly backing up data for integrity and availability.
  • Dedicated account managers at Qlik Biz serve as a single point of contact for customers, providing personalized assistance, advice, and recommendations to maximize the benefits of their Digital Business Card.
  • Qlik Biz actively seeks customer feedback, suggestions, and feature requests to continuously improve its services and enhance the overall user experience to meet evolving business needs.

The Takeaway

Amp up your professional networking game with digital business cards! Create your digital card now and experience the convenience of seamless sharing, instant updates, and multimedia integration. Be a part of the future of networking and make a lasting impression with just a few taps.

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Qlik Biz is a dynamic card that allows you to quickly and easily share your Business details with anyone - anywhere, allowing you to expand and develop your professional network.

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