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Head towards growth with the ultimate digital card platform

For better business growth and upcoming opportunities, it is better to have a fast-growing network too. With a Qlik.biz digital card, it is possible to share your professional details with anyone, anywhere, in a blink.

The high points here are that sharing digital cards means we are being environmentally friendly. After all, it is the impression that makes you memorable to others.

The entire method of transferring information is simple and effective. This magical formula helps with updating your log and contacts. The incorporation of NFC technology helps boost networking, which in turn helps lift your relationship with your network.

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Make your connections faster than ever

Create and share your digital card in minutes

How to Create ? - 3 Easy Steps

It’s simple ! Create an appealing digital card with us

  • Secure OTP Registration

    Enter Whatsapp Number, enter the OTP you receive, and yay! Go to the next step.

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  • Choose your package and pay

    Choose a package that best fits you. Apply the coupon code if applicable and make a payment


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  • Complete your profile and get started

    Enter all the relevant details, get your card link, and it's ready to use


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